Award-Winning Production For As Little As $399!

A SELF-INTRODUCTION VIDEO is a two-minute video on your web site, social-network page or online directory listing. We videotape an interview with you answering questions about your business, your interests and your expertise. You can introduce yourself, your company, your products, services or worthy causes. We videotape some "b-roll" images to illustrate your comments, then we edit, add graphics, encode and upload your video. FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION.

This is the best possible way to project your personality, style and sincerity to the world. People who only "know OF you" will feel they "KNOW YOU" after a short visit with your self-introduction video.

Relationships must be earned and won. That critical moment when a prospective customer, client, patient or colleague looks you in the eye and develops a personal trust is the moment when a they feel free to have a business relationship with you.

A personal self-introduction on the web is an essential element in the marketing toolkit of every professional. Success is based on building new relationships, and now you can be in a million places, on demand, any time of day.

Affordable Web Video Production.
For as little as $399 we do all the planning, production, directing, editing, encoding and uploading of your self-introduction video. Use our page to schedule a videotaping session for your WEB VIDEO.

Unlike those national web production brokerages that take a big markup and hire amateur Producers we have the experience, equipment and skills to guarantee quality and your satisfaction!

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SAMPLE VIDEO: Dr. Robert Jost, Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

We make you look good.
It's a basic fact of life that most people are not used to speaking on camera. With our production methods you do not have to memorize, recite or read anything, and you don't have to get anything perfect on the first take. Our interview process is relaxed, natural and easy. Our editing is your best friend. If you would like to use a teleprompter, we have that available at any time.

Jerry Day Productions, Burbank, California

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