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Phone contact for your Video Production & Photography services inquiry: 818.843.3667

To get your video project moving NOW...

Call or email us and ask for an estimate. We'll ask a few questions like the ones below, and we'll handle it from there.

We will develop an outline of program contents, services, timeline and budget and then we'll send a written proposal for your approval.

We'll put the job on track as soon as we get the green light!

IS YOUR PROJECT DEFINED? Here's a checklist that helps us with the planning and budgeting:

1) What type of program will this be? (ie: Commercial, Entertainment Feature, News Release, Sales/Marketing Presentation, Training Progam, Documentary, Fund-Raising Appeal, Investor Recruitment, etc. )

2) Will there be a script or outline? Would you like our assistance with the development of that?

3) Would you like full-service production planning and execution based on your general instructions, or ala carte production services based on your specific requests?

4) How long do you want the video to be? (If you're not sure, we'll offer some guidelines.)

5) How many days of videotaping do you expect to be needed? (It's easier to know this after the script or outline is written.)

6) At how many locations will videotaping take place?

7) How far apart are the locations?

8) Will there be fees paid for the locations?

9) Who will be appearing on camera? (Paid talent? Volunteers?)

10) How glitzy and upscale would you like this production be? (Use a scale of 1-10, with a primetime television show or commercial being 10 and a basic in-house training video being 1.)

11) Another way to roughly indicate the glitz factor is to comment on possible uses of things such as graphics, design, animation, music, talent, stock footage, voice-overs, camera cranes, special crew (ie: animal trainers, pyro effects, etc) and special editing treatments (such as quick-cut MTV style or complex layering of images).

12) How soon would you like to see a finished copy for approval?

13) When would you like completion and distribution of the fully approved program?

14) What type of distribution would you like? (DVD Copies, Internet or Digitally Encoded Playback, Television News Media, Local Cable or Broadcast, Meeting or Conference Presentation, Closed-Circuit Television System, Super-Large Screen Display, etc.)

15) What is the best time to contact you to respond to this inquiry?

16) What is the best method of contact for you? (Phone number, Email Address, Meeting Time, etc.)

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