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Jerry Day has worked in film, video and photography over a 35-year career starting in his teens producing, designing, directing, lighting, operating camera and editing hundreds of projects including television series & specials, commercials, documentaries, news, infomercials, education and contract work of all kinds.

In 2003 Jerry Day won a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award for producing and hosting STREET MUSIC LOS ANGELES, a four half-hour cultural affairs series on KDOC-TV, LA.

Jerry Day has worked with major political and entertainment figures in a wide spectrum of award-winning and public-spirited media projects. More information on Jerry Day Productions can be found through the links in the upper right corner of this page.

DVD Video Tutorials
Winner of
two Bronze
Telly Awards!
A crash course in the principles of lighting that are NOT easy to pick up intuitively.
Produced by Emmy-Winning Jerry Day Productions. Total Running Time: 50 minutes

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Expanded 2nd Edition: POWERHOUSE 3-PACK now includes:

1) LIGHT LIKE A PRO, the original (22-minute) crash course for Lighting Technicians. LIGHT LIKE A PRO goes into the studio, outdoors and 3D graphics animations to give clear and vivid examples and explanations of universally useful lighting principles. This is the tutorial that can save your next video, film or photograph! These are the "keys" to lighting that produce good images in nearly any situation. Don't guess at lighting, master it and give your viewers a great visual experience.

2) LIGHTING FOR INTERVIEWS. (16 minutes.) Solid, professional lighting for interviews and talking heads is not difficult if you know some basic principles and methods. This tutorial goes step-by-step through a typical interior location interview setup to show you the process and results in detail. Then you see a "quick" interview setup that can be done in seconds with good results. Finally, you see alterations in the basic setup to produce masculine, feminine, dramatic and conservative interview lighting styles.

3) LIGHTING FOR CHROMA KEY. (12 minutes.) Chroma Key (Green Screen) image compositing is a vital tool that enables small-scale production to get a "bigger" look with more visual interest on a limited budget, but it presents special challenges. This step-by-step chroma key demonstration and explanations are designed to eliminate the common problems with chroma key lighting and compositing.

Learn how to give your images the snap, sizzle and dreaminess of the pros.
These demonstrations de-mystify the art and craft of lighting for all media.

This is the video that can save YOUR next video, film or photograph!

"I am impressed with Jerry Day’s ability to pack in so much useful information per minute. His direct, no-nonsense style leads the neophyte movie maker on a fascinating journey on the nature of light and how to control it to bring out the most emotional value in any scene. What I like most is that he did not talk down or talk over the heads of the viewers. His fast-paced style forces the audience to pay attention so they can absorb all of the tips, tricks, and applications. His directness speaks to his believability and gives authority to the smallest detail."
- Tony Luna, Instructor, Art Center College of Design

The minute you finish watching these tutorials you'll want to shoot a project to try out the techniques!

This video is a must-see BEFORE you take your new camera out of the box.

Whether you are planning a career as a lighting technician or simply want to know how to create and find quality lighting this 50-minute video is packed with the essential knowledge to give your viewers a great visual experience!

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