We are equipped for professional, affordable production, photography and design...
We maintain an affordable shooting space outfitted with video & still cameras, audio, lighting and grip equipment. HD production is available.

Our full-featured editing studio includes multi-layer real-time video and audio editing, separate graphics and 3D computer animation workstation, voice-over recording and production music options.

Master output to BetaSP, DVCAM, DVD, Web Video, interactive formats and VHS.

Our versatile CAFE SET is available to give your show a "produced" look! The 48" wide cafe sign and curtain can be replaced with a window, sign or rear-lit graphic.

The teleprompter is on-site. We can have your script loaded in advance from an email, then we can edit the script in the teleprompter at any time.

Because we are located in Burbank we are local to virtually every type of production service, equipment, crew, talent and resource you can think of.

Anything is possible!

To the right are some typical sets and studios that are available around town for affordable daily rentals.

Click the image for a larger view below.


Possible modifications:

Table or anchor desk.

Blue Screen in the window.

We can videotape your interviews on green-screen . You may select a background image from our library below.
Click on a thumbnail for an enlarged view. We can also photograph or videotape a background at
your location or use one of your existing photos for your background.

Arches 1b

City Garden 1a

City Garden 2a

City Plaza 1a

City Plaza 1b

City View 1a

City View 2a

City View 2B

City View 3a

Clouds Friendly

Clouds Wispy

Large Lobby 1b

Large Lobby 2a

Lobby 1b

Lobby 1c

Lobby 2a

Lobby 2b

Lobby 3a

Lobby 6a

Main Lobby 1a

Office Windows Ext 1a

Office Windows Ext 2a

Park Scene 1a

Park Scene 2a

Park Scene 3a

Waiting Area 1b

Waiting Room 1a

Windowscape 1a

Windowscape 1b

Windowscape 2a

Windowscape 3a

Windowscape 4b

Windowscape 5a

Windowscape 6a

Windowscape 9a

Windowscape Palms 1a

On-Camera Interviewing On A Budget:
For tight-budget interviews
a mirror allows the interviewer to be visible in the shot in a one-camera set-up. In this 2 1/2 minute clip Jerry shows and explains a little about the lighting & set up. Click the thumbnail to watch the clip.

Requires Quicktime Player.

Jerry Day Productions, Burbank, California